About Us

Star Group is Queensland’s largest independently owned and operated pub and liquor retail group with a portfolio of 19 licenced venues, 51 retail liquor outlets and seven accommodation venues.

Our journey began when we purchased our first hotel in 1996 and soon after, another two hotels.

With a rapidly growing portfolio, in 2009, we became the Star Group. We had acquired a total of nine licenced venues, six retail liquor warehouses and 30 detached bottle shops.

What We Do

Welcome to the Star Group, a proud and privately-owned hospitality management Group that specialises in operating bars, restaurants, gaming rooms, function spaces, accommodation facilities and liquor retail outlets throughout Queensland. Spread right across Brisbane, and all the way up to far north Queensland and South Australia, the Star Group portfolio includes an array of unique venues that range from stylish and modern hotels to traditional local pubs, along with the Star Liquor and Sense of Taste liquor retail chains.

As Queensland’s largest independent hospitality Group today, the Star Group own and operate 51 bottle shops and 19 hotels across Australia. Across these venues, we have over 60 bars, 185 hotel rooms, 40 dining areas, 700 gaming machines and employ nearly 800 staff.

Our primary focus is to provide our customers with the best possible social experiences that exceed all expectations. In striving to be an active local community member, our venues are family-focused for all, offering a relaxed and casual hospitality environment that is engaging, safe and entertaining.

In addition to an extensive range of hotels, the Star Liquor retail chain has rapidly grown over the last few years. Now with nine warehouse sized stores, 42 Star Liquor bottle shops and two Sense of Taste boutique bottle shops, our liquor retailing capabilities provide shoppers with exceptional customer service, convenience and low every day prices.


Licensed Venues

Restaurants, functions and bars to satisfy all types of crowds and families. Ranging from buffets to a la carte restaurants and sports bars to cocktail lounges, we cater for all occasions.



51 locations and rapidly growing, Star Liquor strives to provide quality products and great value for money.



From 4-star hotel rooms to cabins and bungalows, comfort and affordability is our primary focus.



Offering first class service in all locations, our goal is to create a unique experience for every customer.

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